<transcy>CBD Beginner's Guide</transcy>

How does the body absorb CBD?

For sublingual use, only 1/2 drop of CBD oil is needed, drip under the tongue, let it stand for 5-10 minutes before swallowing. CBD is directly absorbed into the blood through the sublingual mucosal capillaries, so if you want quick results, this is the ideal way to take it. Taking CBD under the tongue also has higher bioavailability and can bring you more complete benefits.

Is it really safe to take CBD?

In an article in the Harvard Health Journal, Dr. Peter Grinspoon stated that CBD control is inadequate, making it more difficult to control the dosage. He said that because the ingredient labels on the packaging are not always reliable, "we don't know what the most effective dose for various symptoms is."

According to neuroscientist Nick Jikomes, the optimal CBD dose for the same person may also change over time. In an interview with Leafly, he said: "...a person's physiological quality will change over time, including ECS ​​[...]. These will change throughout life, so the best ratio and dosage of these substances, whether it is Everything may change."

This is why we recommend that you write a CBD diary. It is very important to know your body and listen to its messages. As long as you stay alert, any CBD dose will be safe-after all, there has never been news of a CBD overdose.

This is also the reason why you are suitable to start with the lowest dose and gradually increase until you find the lowest effective dose. This will not only ensure health, but also save money.

We recommend . If possible, discuss the dosage with a doctor who knows about CBD. If circumstances do not allow, you can follow these guidelines, write a CBD diary, listen to your body, and take CBD safely.

How much CBD should I take?

"How much CBD oil should I take?" is a common question, but there is no straightforward answer. When first exposed to CBD, it is normal to have doubts about the daily dose. How much CBD a person should take depends on a series of factors, including age, gender, weight, symptoms, and other drugs being used at the same time. We would like to tell you directly how much CBD you should use, but combining these factors, we need to measure it with you.

The good news is that we have compiled this user guide to help you estimate the dose of CBD. CBD may have adverse reactions with certain prescription drugs, and we must tell you. If in doubt, please do not hesitate to discuss the CBD dosage with your doctor. If you don’t have a doctor, the following information will help you. There is no clinical guideline for CBD dosage at present, so this is only a guideline for easy estimation. Please use it carefully.

If you already have some symptoms and want to use CBD to relieve them, it is recommended that you start with a lower dose of CBD and gradually increase as needed. For reference, people who take CBD due to depression, anxiety and other emotional distress can start taking about 10mg per day, while those who want to relieve pain can start taking 20mg per day.

Example: If you take 10mg in the morning, if there is no discernible effect after 30 minutes, you can try 20mg at night. We recommend that you write a CBD usage diary, including the time of taking, the amount of taking, and the time for which the effect is maintained. We recommend taking CBD in divided doses a day instead of taking a daily dose at a time. Of course, this is only a suggestion and you can decide based on your own situation.

If you have any discomfort, please record it in the CBD usage diary. Most users use 50mg a day without any side effects, but everyone's body is different. It is important to have a good CBD use experience-after all, CBD should make you feel better, not worse!

-Nervousness/insomnia, required dose: 10mg, use 45 minutes before going to bed
- For emotional disturbance, required dose: 15mg
    -For insomnia, the required dose: 25mg, use 45 minutes before going to bed
    - For emotional/mental disturbance, the required dose: 25mg, take multiple times a day
    - For pain, the required dose: 25mg, take one day Take multiple times

      - For insomnia, the required dose: 50-75mg, use 45 minutes before going to bed
      - For physical pain, the required dose is 50-75mg, which needs to be taken multiple times a day
      - For long-term pain, the required dose 50-75mg, need to be taken multiple times a day

      When is CBD most absorbed?

      No matter how much CBD you take, you can get the best effect if you take it one hour before or after a meal, without affecting the liver to break down other drugs, but it is recommended to separate it from other drugs for 2 hours before use.