Long-awaited, CBD first aid cream finally comes out as a family pack
Eight of the ten orders are for first- aid creams . I know that they are very useful, and everyone uses them quickly. This time, 100g of Big Poppy is enough for drying!
Immediately get a 30% discount on the order, the CBD content of Da Yang is 1000mg, and it is 700 mosquitoes. No matter if you have acne or allergies, eczema, and mosquito bites, a first- aid ointment will help you get rid of eczema ❤️‍🩹
CBD First Aid Cream |Anti-inflammatory·Analgesic·Relieves allergies
Suitable for itchy, red and dry skin
- Promote wound healing
- Build a protective skin barrier
- Improve skin texture
Family Pack 100g|30% off $680