<transcy>Are you afraid of side effects and drug resistance after taking painkillers for a long time? CBD is your more natural and safe choice!</transcy>

Everyone must have experienced pain: headache, stomach pain, sciatica, toothache... Acute pain may seem like a minor problem, but it can kill you by surprise at any time and make you feel painful. If the pain is intermittent or continuous for three months or more, it is already a "chronic pain", such as arthritis and frozen shoulders that Hong Kong people often suffer from. It will affect daily life, mood, sleep, and cause physical and psychological problems for a long time. pressure.

Many people take painkillers as soon as they hurt, but they can't help but worry about side effects and fear that long-term dependence will lead to drug resistance. Do you know that we actually have more natural, safe and effective options?

Why does it hurt?

The reason why people feel pain is that damage to body tissues stimulates nerve endings and sends out pain messages, which are then transmitted to the brainstem through nerve lines and spinal cord, and then transmitted to the cerebral cortex, making us feel pain.

The causes of pain are very complex and can be roughly divided into three categories: primary, related to organs or tissues, and emotionally and psychologically affected. Primary pain refers to pain that has no cause in the body, such as primary menstrual pain. Inflammation of body organs and tissues, nervous system allergies, etc. can also cause pain. Sometimes even if the physical pain has been cured, subsequent psychological effects may regenerate pain, resulting in a vicious circle.

What are the side effects of common anti-inflammatory painkillers? Will there be drug resistance?

Taking painkillers can indeed relieve pain quickly and relieve pain, but before taking the medicine, do you know its side effects?

The most common Panadol is Paracetamol. Overdose may damage the liver. Moreover, although Panadol can reduce fever and pain, it has no anti-inflammatory effect and is only suitable for alleviating mild pain.

Aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are also more common analgesics. Side effects of the former include vomiting and constipation, and can cause gastrointestinal ulcers, internal bleeding, tracheal contraction, etc., while the latter can hurt the stomach Kidney injury, side effects include diarrhea, dizziness, and gastrointestinal discomfort.

Long-term use of analgesics will cause drug resistance. When the body has adapted to the effectiveness of the drug, it needs to increase the dose. Once the medication is stopped or the dose is reduced, the pain may recur.

Learn about one more choice! How does CBD effectively reduce inflammation and relieve pain?

Inflammatory reactants are the body's defense mechanism, but too many inflammatory factors will induce the immune system to attack its own tissues, causing itching and pain in the body. CBD can regulate the immune system, inhibit the release of excessive inflammatory factors from cells, reduce the activity of inflammatory factors, ease the immune response, and relieve inflammation. It is a natural and powerful anti-inflammatory agent.

In addition, the human body inherently produces endocannabinoids, one of which is 2-AG (2-Arachidonoylglycerol), which has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. When CBD binds to related cannabinoid receptors, it can increase the concentration of 2-AG and relieve pain.

Moreover, CBD also has the effect of calming emotions and relieving anxiety, avoiding emotional fluctuations due to physical discomfort, affecting work and life, and reducing the psychological impact of pain.

CBD is extracted from natural hemp. It is one of the most medicinal phytocannabinoids. It has no psychoactive, no side effects, is not exciting and addictive, and can be taken for a long time.

CBD products have different effects. Which one is the most interesting to you?

If you want to relieve acute pain immediately, it is recommended to choose Olanda #CBD extra concentrated oil bomb 500mg. Because CBD is ingested with a Vape pen (oil pen), it is inhaled through the lungs and directly enters the bloodstream, and the pain relief effect can be felt within a few minutes.

But if you want to have a longer-lasting effect and continue to reduce inflammation and relieve pain throughout the day, you can choose Olanda Oral Oil#CBD powerful analgesic formula 1000mg , the effect is OK Maintain for 4 to 6 hours.

The two can also be used in conjunction with each other-take menstrual pain as an example, in the face of sudden abdominal cramps and cramps, ingesting CBD with a Vape pen (oil pen) can relieve the pain and discomfort as soon as possible, and then take CBD oral oil. Continuously and effectively relieve menstrual pain throughout the day. Olanda recommends that you record the dosage and time of using all CBD products to find out the most suitable dosage and usage pattern for you.