Find Your Destiny CBD Oil! An analysis of concentration, composition and usage in one article

There are a lot of CBD products in the market, but I have no idea how to choose the best CBD products that meet my needs? The "concentration", "terpenes" and "carrier oils" shown in oral oils all make you confused? Why the same CBD oil can have different effects? Before stepping into the world of CBD, learn more about it!


1. mg/ml

      Most CBD products are labeled with mg (milligram) of their CBD content, but to compare the CBD concentration of each product, you need to pay attention to its capacity.

      For example, "500mg / 30ml" on Oral Oil A means that there are 500 mg of CBD in 30 ml, and each ml contains about 17 mg of CBD.

      Oral oil B "250mg / 10ml" contains 25 mg of CBD per milliliter, which is higher than the CBD concentration of oral oil A.

      2. Percentage (%)

          Some foreign products like to indicate the CBD concentration as a percentage, and 1% CBD means 10 mg of CBD per milliliter.

          Following the above example, Oral Oil A can be labeled as "1.67% CBD" and Oral Oil B as "2.5% CBD".


          The same CBD oral oil, what is the difference between "stress relief formula" and "focus formula"? Terpenes are an integral part of the formula for the different effects of oral oils. Here are some commonly used terpenes:

          1. Relieve stress and promote sleep: Linalool (Linalool), Humulene (Humulene)

            Linalool has a light fruity aroma, has a sedative effect, helps to stabilize emotions, and is a good sleep aid.

            Humpene is slightly bitter, which also helps to fall asleep, is more effective in anti-inflammatory and pain relief, and relieves headaches, muscle aches, joint pains, etc.

            2. Focus on refreshing and eliminating fatigue: Limonene, Beta Caryophyllene

              Limonene with citrus aroma, fresh and pleasant, can boost the spirit, reduce anxiety and fatigue.

              β-Caryophyllene is commonly found in cloves, black pepper, etc. It can relieve tension, relieve stress and make people concentrate. Moreover, it can also reduce pain and relieve chronic pain symptoms.

              There are many terpenes in nature, which cannot be exhausted. They not only have medicinal value, but also enhance the multiple functions of CBD: relieve stress, reduce inflammation and pain, promote sleep, repair skin, etc., and derive different formulas to meet the various needs of Hong Kong people.

              carrier oil

              The main component of oral oil is carrier oil. Pure CBD (CBD isolate) is a fat-soluble powder, which is not easy to be directly absorbed by the human body, so base oil should be added to improve the absorption rate.

              1. MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides)

                MCT oil is the most commonly used carrier oil, because of its shorter structure, it can be absorbed immediately through the digestive tract, and the absorption rate is higher, which makes CBD work faster. And it has no obvious disadvantages, and it is the most popular carrier oil to use with confidence.

                2. Hemp Seed Oil

                  Hemp seed oil is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant, and due to its trace amount of cannabinoids, it can have a synergistic effect with CBD to enhance the effect.

                  But because of this, it may contain trace amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which may fall into the legal net by mistake. You must carefully check the product inspection report before purchasing.

                  If you want to enjoy the synergistic effect between CBD and other cannabinoids with peace of mind, you may wish to choose "Broad spectrum CBD oil (Broad spectrum)" with the addition of CBG (cannabinol). The two cooperate with each other to deeply relax and relieve stress, and do not contain illegal THC.

                  In addition, olive oil, sunflower oil, pomegranate seed oil, etc. are used as base oils. The advantage is to add additional nutrients to oral oils. Each has its own merits, but it generally takes a long time to absorb.


                  1. Sublingual absorption

                  It is generally recommended that you drop the oral oil on the base of the tongue, hold it for about 1 minute, and then swallow it. In this way, CBD is absorbed through the sublingual mucosa, the absorption rate is high, and the effect is felt in about 15 minutes.

                  2. to swallow

                  Friends who are new to CBD may not be accustomed to putting oral oil on the bottom of the tongue, and it is not a bad idea to take it directly. Although CBD is absorbed through the digestive system, it takes a long time to take effect, but the effect is relatively long-lasting.

                  3. Add to food or drink

                  Of course, you can also drop the oral oil into your favorite food and drink, and the onset time is similar to swallowing CBD directly.

                  If you have a friend who is not used to the taste of oral oil, it is recommended to consider "water-soluble CBD". CBD is only soluble in oil, but water-soluble CBD is made by nanotechnology and can be completely integrated into tea, coffee, juice, salad, etc. It is a new choice other than oral oil.

                  4. External use: smear, massage the affected area

                    Human skin also has CBD receptors (receptors), CBD can be absorbed through the skin, directly relieve eczema, itchy skin, acne, redness, inflammation, joint pain, muscle soreness and other symptoms. Of course, it can also be used for daily skin care.

                    The onset time is about 30 minutes, and the effect can last from 3 to 6 hours, depending on the site of use and the degree of pain.

                    Best CBD Oral Oil for Hong Kong People

                    1. Olanda's Best Stress Relief Formula 500mg

                      Hong Kong people suffer from the stress of life, and they often toss and turn at night. CBD not only makes it easier to fall asleep, but also prolongs deep sleep and comprehensively improves sleep quality. The formula is added with linalool and hopene, which can effectively stabilize the mood and relieve emotional stress.

                      2. Olanda Focus Refreshing Formula 500mg

                        How can you perform well when you are under heavy pressure at work? CBD can help you relieve anxiety and calm anxiety. It is combined with limonene and beta-caryophyllene to eliminate fatigue, make you concentrate and improve work efficiency.

                        Olanda International uses the most easily absorbed MCT oil as the base oil. According to different goals such as sleeping, stress relief, pain relief, and anti-inflammatory, the corresponding terpenes are added, and each "Hong Kong formula" is carefully formulated to meet the real needs of each Hong Kong person.

                        As a local CBD specialty store, products are readily available. Oral oils cover a low concentration of 500mg to a high concentration of 3000mg, and also sell rare "broad-spectrum CBD oral oil", "multi-flavor atomized oil", "CBD water solvent", and cooperate with other local companies to develop skin care product series , scented tea, massage candles, etc., are a good choice for everyone to first come into contact with CBD.