<transcy>Learn to accept the imperfect self</transcy>

[Learn to accept the imperfect self]

Before this year, I felt that I was a very weak person, because I had experienced a lot of different interpersonal relationships, especially when it came to love, I felt that I was completely messed up. After going out, you will have an infinite loop when you encounter the next person with a good feeling.

I used to study in a foreign country and suffered from depression, so I used to train in bed all day long and didn't do it. It is normal to go to the classroom and take exams.

After returning to Hong Kong and changing the environment, the situation slowly improved, and then I felt that it was really impossible to let it go anymore, so I spent a lot of time focusing on myself, wanting to increase my self-confidence. Convince yourself that my worth doesn't need to be figured out in person.

So I started to muster the courage to learn from the fields I have always been interested in, and save time, so that I have spiritual sustenance. My attitude will change. I will not go to the face of life and insist on what I want. Instead, I will focus on doing what is best for myself. At the same time, I will think about how I can improve myself, so that no relationship will tie me down, and I will also learn how to feel comfortable. Being alone, you can accept the single self, and slowly begin to accept the same love, a self who is not perfect but lives hard. ๐Ÿฆ„๐Ÿ’ญ

Life has its ups and downs. Looking back at a moment, you will find a certain part of the original achievement My own. Being emotionally troubled is bound to be uncomfortable right now, but it may also become our life's nourishment.

Olanda Mindset Invites everyone to share their experiences anonymously, how to get out of emotional depression, and how their experiences can bring about changes in their lives, or affect their mentality in a way.

Thank you for sharing. His story may be a portrayal of many people, and I hope to bring some comfort to friends who are experiencing a low ebb.