Olanda's story

Olanda International was established in 2013 to promote high-quality herbal health products. Hong Kong people live fast and busy, physically and mentally exhausted, and have nowhere to relieve stress. They suffer from insomnia and eczema. In the early years, the founder often couldn't fall asleep due to the recurrence of old back problems. Until I went to the UK for business, I was introduced by a local friend of CBD products. After taking it, it has effectively relieved back pain. I slept till dawn.

After careful research, we found that CBD is very beneficial to the body and mind. It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects and relieves anxiety. We are determined to introduce CBD products. We personally formulate the "Hong Kong People's Formula" to meet the real needs of Hong Kong people in terms of efficacy, taste and concentration. Some products are made in Hong Kong, hoping to become a professional Hong Kong CBD brand.

We are committed to promoting the popularization of CBD so that more people can understand its effects and eliminate misunderstandings. CBD is a treasure gifted by nature to mankind. It creates a stable space for you in the hustle and bustle, relieves the burden of emotions, and learns to feel life. We hope that everyone can enjoy high-quality CBD products at affordable prices, rediscover their own pace, and master the rhythm of life.