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CBD nourishing and refreshing formula-ginseng tea


Thin can (25mg/10g)
Large can (85mg/30g)
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Summer is scorching, so I feel dizzy, 3:3 tea time, it’s better to try to scare back to the pot of tea, wake up, and create a small sigh in the pile of work. A leisurely oasis.

Olanda with #九一茶舍Intentionally developed #CBD nourishing and refreshing formula ginseng scented tea, based on honey tree tea, mixed with Tianqi flower and amaranth, the taste is warm and aromatic mellow.

Tianqihua calms the liver and lowers blood pressure, and is patient with mon, so that dizziness, red pain, vertigo and tinnitus are all relieved immediately. Globe Amaranth contains amino acids, vitamins C and E, which can promote metabolism and beautify the skin.

The water-soluble CBD processed by nanotechnology makes it easier for the body to absorb. Olanda Zhong specially added ginseng hydrosol to calm the mind, reduce fatigue, refresh and maintain health at the same time.

The scented tea is made in Hong Kong, naturally decaffeinated, so you can drink it every day.

Large can: 85mg CBD/30g scented tea

(10 cups of tea,each cupcan be refilled 3 times)

Fine canned: 25mg CBD/10g scented tea

(3 cups of tea, each cup can be refilled 3 times)

*Pregnant women take caution during the same menstrual period

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