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CBD Relaxing Formula-Soothing Liver and Relieving Depression Chrysanthemum Tea


Thin can (25mg/10g)
Large can (85mg/30g)
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Take a cup of tea time to put down a worry. Regardless of whether it is a sorrowful heart, or a world that is not pleasing to the eye, in the midsummer afternoon, sipping tea and reciting a word silently will make the dissatisfaction Tonghua a wisp of smoke, which will drift away in the wind.

If this tea is made in Hong Kong, how good are you? Olanda and #九一茶舍 jointly research and develop-#CBD Relaxing Formula Soothing Liver and Relieving Depression Chrysanthemum Tea. Chinese medicine believes that "the stagnation of liver qi leads to a variety of diseases." As long as the liver regulates qi, depression can be expressed, and the individual is relieved.

#Chamomile with #雪菊 Being right can clear the anger, relieve stress and relax tension. #Chamomile also contains vitamin C and E, anti-oxidation and beauty, protect cells from free radical damage.

Olanda applies nanotechnology to smash the CBD into fine pieces and spray it on the tea to make it easier for the body to absorb. The tea does not contain caffeine, so if you drink it before you go, it will relieve stress and relax, making it even better.

Large can: 85mg CBD/30g scented tea

(10 cups of tea,each cupcan be refilled 3 times)

Fine canned: 25mg CBD/10g scented tea

(3 cups of tea, each cup can be refilled 3 times)

*Pregnant women take caution during the same menstrual period

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