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Oil pen (not including oil bomb)


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product information

Olanda oil pen, built-in 460mAh battery, is a portable pen device. There are three adjustable voltage levels-low/medium/high to meet your different needs.

Size: 108.8 X11.2mm
Battery: Built-in 460mAh
Charge: Micro USB port
Coil resistance: 1.8ohm


  • Suitable for extra concentrated vaporized oil/CBD oil agent
  • Leak-proof design
  • Adjustable low/medium/high voltage
  • Pen kit
  • 460mAh built-in battery
  • USB charging
  • Small and portable
  • Free 1 month maintenance and repair

Usage of Olanda Oil Pen|Five minutes to relieve pressure and pain 💎
1) Take out the oil bomb and remove the rubber sleeves at both ends.
2) Install the oil bomb: Screw the oil bomb into the oil pen and tighten it to fix it.
3) Turn on: Quickly press 5 times, see the blue light flashing.
4) Heating: Long press for at least 2 seconds (a small amount of smoke is normal)
5) Adjust the temperature as needed: Quickly press 3 times (🔵 blue light: low temperature|️⚪ white light: medium temperature|🔴 red light: high temperature)
6) After selecting a suitable temperature, press and hold it while inhaling.
7) Hold your breath for about 5 seconds to allow your body to absorb CBD.
8) Exhale slowly. You can inhale, hold your breath, and exhale repeatedly about 3 to 5 times until you feel comfortable.
9) Shut down: Quickly press 5 times, see the blue light flashing.

⚡️The cross potential is at the bottom of the oil pen, and a micro usb cable can be used.

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